FUtracer PCB Set
The FUtracer PCB Set
Build Your Own Tube Curve Tracer!
FUtracer PCB Set

"The FUtracer is a modern curve tracer that actually works."

FUtracer GUI in Windows

The FUtracer – A Better Tube Curve Tracer

What is the FUtracer? The FUtracer is a tube curve tracer designed to work with your computer. Now you can get consistent and repeatable results.

The Tube Socket PCB – What Tubes Can it Test?

The tube socket board is setup for you to test: 12AX7 etc., EF800 etc., EF86, EL84, EL34/6L6/6V6 etc. The new 2022.9 socket boards also include a 7 pin socket for 408A and similar tubes! You can also create your own tube configuration if you prefer. The FUtracer itself is capable of significantly more tubes than this, but these are the most popular. You can either create your own socket array, or run additional sockets off the socket PCB if you require other pinouts.

External PSU PCB

To keep things safe and simple, the FUtracer set includes a PCB to connect an external power supply and protect your tube tester circuit.

If you’re a vacuum tube enthusiast, or a musician that loves tube amps, get yourself an FUtracer set. We have BOMs with all top quality parts listed that you can purchase directly from your favorite supplier. Build it, and enjoy.

Get Your FUtracer!

If you’d like to get started with your FUtracer project, you can contact support@futracer.com for more information and pricing. The website will eventually be updated with a shopping cart for direct purchasing, but until then, email it is.